• I would like to adopt a cow, would you please tell me the procedure?

We are pleased to know that you would like to adopt a cow. We would suggest that you travel to the Gaushala and see the calves, cows and buffaloes there and then decide whom you wish to adopt.

Alternatively, if you are short on time, then you can browse through our gallery of calves, cows, buffaloes and bulls and choose.

Listed below are some of the different ways in which you can adopt a calf, cow, buffalo or bull staying at Maadhiam Gaushala.

Provide a “Forever home”

If you have a farmhouse away from the city, you can give the calf, cow or buffalo a “forever home” by providing care for her there To help you to take this initiative forward, a volunteer from the Maadhiam Team will meet you and also visit your home and see if you have sufficient space around your home to take care of the calf, cow and buffalo. This is the option that we recommend most.

Every quarter, you will need to send us a report about your adopted pet and tell us how he or

she is doing. Volunteers from Maadhiam will visit your home to see your pet cow or buffalo once every  three months to see him or her.

Adopt a Cow for a Year

Another option that you may like to choose is to adopt the calf, cow or buffalo by donating to Maadhiam Charitable Trust for the year.

As a token of our appreciation, we would be pleased to offer you the hall and the open air auditorium at Maadhiam Gaushala free to organize a full day programme for one day in the month.


Adopt a Cow for a Month

You can also adopt a cow for a month.


I would like to visit Thai Mane, can you please tell me give me their contact details?

Thai Mane is located at # 17, Mullur Village, Kodathi gate, Sarjapur Road,Bangalore – 560 035

You can also browse their website at www.thayimane.org.

mob: 9945364481 / 9900434233

email: thayimanekeshavamurthy@gmail.com.

I would like to visit Maadhiam Gaushala, please tell me how to reach the Gaushala?

The address of Maadhiam Gaushala is

Sy No. 15/2,

Sulikunte Village,

Varthur Hubli, Sarjapur Road,

Bangalore East Taluk – 562125,

Ph 091 64 000001

I wish to visit Abala Ashram, can you please give me the address?


# 125-6  Dr D V G Road
Basavanagudi, Bengaluru   560004

Email: abalashrama@yahoo.com / info@abalashram.org

Phone: +91 8026678694 / +91 9483334329

I have heard a lot about Home of Hope and would like to visit it, please give me the address?

New Ark Mission of India

Home of Hope, Doddagubbi Village

KRC Road, Next to KRC, Bangalore – 560077.

Head Office: 080-65997274,080-28445509

email: raja@newarkmission.org  / newarkmissionofindia@yahoo.co

website: newarkmission.org

If you see a destitute person or child badly in need of help, you can contact Auto Raja, the Founder of New Ark Mission of India on 9900120100.

I would like to see Maadhiam's Annual Report for 2014-2015?

Maadhiam is just a year old. The Annual Report (2014-15) will be published online soon.

What are the benefits of getting an 80 G exemption?

When you donate to an organization that has got 80 G exemption, it means that 50% of the amount donated is exempted from tax.

What are the benefits of getting an exemption under section 35AC of the Income Tax Act?

When you donate to an organization that has got under section 35AC, it means that 100% of the amount donated is exempted from tax.

Can I donate in cash?

It would be preferred if you make all donations by cheque, electronic transfer or as online payment.

It is mandatory that all donations above Rs 10 000/- be made by cheque or electronic transfer.

In whose name do I make the cheque?

Maadhiam Charitable Trust. (Please note the spelling).

Can I donate in kind?

Yes, please call and speak to us, we will tell you about our requirements as this varies from month to month.

Do I get a receipt for every donation that I make?

Yes, receipts will be provided to you immediately if you donate in person. If you send a cheque by post, the receipt will be sent to you by post along with a digital receipt by email.

Please tell me the address to which I can send the donation?

Sharma Transports

No 24/7,

J.C. Road,

Bengaluru – 560 002

I have made a donation online but have not received the 80G tax receipt, what should I do?

Please email us at info@maadhiam.com or call us at 98450 22443. We will get back to you.

I have some ideas for fund-raising, whom should I contact at Maadhiam?

Please contact Shri Sunil Sharma, Founder, Maadhiam at 98450 22443 or drop us an email at