All the cows and buffaloes that you see at Maadhiam Gaushala have been abandoned by their owners and sold to butchers. Starved and tortured, they have travelled many miles by trucks and were rescued while on the way to the slaughterhouses.

In ancient times, cows were considered as holy beings. Even today, in some of the homes of the villagers and in some Gaushalas, the same reverence for cows can be seen.

It is said in the scriptures that all the Gods reside in the body of a Cow. To be in the presence of a Cow was considered to be as sacred as being blessed by the Divinity. There are several Gaushalas in the country, where the healing power of cows have been used to restore people back to health and wellness. In the olden days, to feed a cow was considered a sacred daily duty to be done by all who lived in the land of Bharata.

Maadhiam Gaushala was started with the intent of helping to save at least a few cows and buffaloes from the many thousands who are sent daily for slaughter. If you have always dreamt of adopting a cow, then Maadhiam Gaushala offers you an opportunity to do so.

The cows in our Gaushala are very special. They are looked after with great care and are fed a nourishing diet, rich in greens and concentrates. Perhaps, you would like to visit our Gaushala and adopt a cow or a buffalo.