We are a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and business heads who have come together with the idea of  ‘Giving something back to the society’. Maadhiam was started with the intent of doing our bit to support as best as we can those most in need of help, like senior citizens, women, the economically underprivileged and children. Besides, we also wanted to reach out to help animals and the environment.

With this thought, we started Maadhiam as a registered charitable trust in march, 2014. Maadhiam seeks to assist without discrimination by providing practical help to the poor and vulnerable people in our society.

Inspiration, Mentors, Patrons, Life Members and Friends of Maadhiam

Says Sunil Sharma, Founder and Trustee of Maadhiam, “The inspiration behind starting Maadhiam was my father Shri Dhanraj Parasmal Sharma. His vision, wisdom, love and compassion has not only been a guiding influence in my childhood and youth, but if today, I feel motivated to start Maadhiam, it’s only because of my father.

Both my mother, Smt Ramkanya Devi  and my elder brother, Shri Suresh Sharma have always been there as strong pillars of wisdom and strength. For all of us, they are ‘Mentors of Maadhiam’.

My uncle, Shri Tej Raj Sharma, as a “Patron of Maadhaim” has always been there for the Maadhiam team guiding and supporting us.

I would like to add that, right from day one of starting Maadhiam, my wife Santosh as a Trustee at Maadhiam, has been  actively involved in Maadhiam’s  programmes”.

‘Life Members’ of Maadhiam includes a small but sincere group of committed people who work tirelessly to support and implement various projects that Maadhiam is currently focused on. The ‘Life Members’ are like Maadhiam’s lifeline,  they form part of the core team at Maadhiam.

We feel privileged to have as ‘Life Members of Maadhiam’, Shri Sandeep Sharma, Shri Rajesh Sharma, Shri Lalit Shrma, Shri Manish Sharma and Shri Ashwin Sharma.

We also have a number of well-wishers who have come forward to support us and also to help spread the word about Maadhiam’s various programmes and projects.

We are pleased to count among ‘Friends of Maadhiam’, Shri Rajendra Sharma, Shri Vijay Sharma, Shri Deepak Sharma, Shri Shrinivas Sharma, Shri Prasanna Sharma, Shri Prakash Sharma, Shri Sanjay Sharma and Shri Dhanesh Bhojak.

What We Do

We facilitate proactive and positive change  and transformation by organizing events. We believe that organizing events is a wonderful way to share, communicate and connect with people, animals and the environment. We therefore, organize events in such a way, that the people who are present at the events  have a warm, positive interaction and feel empowered.

Whether it is doing fun events for children, like ‘The Happiness Mela’ that we conducted at Sumangali Seva Ashram or a health check-up for the community, we try our best to make sure that a feeling of love and warmth is experienced, one that comes from genuinely cherishing the people for whom we do these programmes.

Our motto is simple, “To serve and to be of help to those who are in need”. To know more about what we do, please check out the events page.

Our Spectrum of Work

Our spectrum of work extends from human welfare to animal welfare and protection of the environment.

  • In the area of human welfare, we conduct programmes for senior citizens, women, children and specially abled people.
  • With reference to animal welfare, we focus mainly on welfare issues of cattle and buffaloes. However, we are also concerned about the welfare of all animals and would like to actively promote projects and programmes in related domains of animal welfare too.
  • Regarding protection of the environment, we have made a beginning by planting trees. We hope to expand the scope of our work in protecting the environment to many diverse areas, ranging from afforestation programmes to waste management, solar energy and rainwater harvesting.
How We Work

We start  by first identifying an institution, may be an orphanage or an old age home that is in need of care. Then, we explore the feasibility of conducting a suitable programme that would match the needs of the group that we are focusing on.

In this exploratory stage, generally a few of us from Maadhiam will visit the institution to do a needs assessment analysis. If we feel that there is a need to conduct a specific programme in that particular institution, then we will go ahead with conducting the programme.

We feel that programmes offer an excellent opportunity for interactive participation with the community. In this way, learning and empowerment is facilitated through experiencing, sharing, doing and of course, most important, being open and receptive.

Using this approach, we have conducted a number of programmes. For details of some of the programmes, please refer to the ‘Events’ page.

Our Journey So Far

In the last one year, Maadhiam has conducted a number of events that specially benefit the economically underprivileged communities, the elderly, women and children. From the perspective of child welfare, Maadhiam provides free food daily to hundred children  residing in Thai Mane at Sarjapura road.

Besides, a Gaushala has been set up that provides a sheltering space for cows and buffaloes rescued from slaughter.

From the environmental perspective, Team Maadhiam planted 25 trees on July, 13th, 2014 and on World Water Day, March 22nd, 2015, a borewell was dug at Maadhiam Gaushala. Water from the borewell is given freely to about 500 families residing in the neighbouring villages of Sulikunte, Dommasandra and Muttanallur Cross.